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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Review - Tell All by Nell Carson

Title: Tell All

Author: Nell Carson

Publisher: Avalon Books

Coming Soon

Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed by: Val

New York City writer Kat Callahan is just finishing an explosive unauthorized biography of Hollywood's Golden Couple, Alex and Victoria Janssen, when they mysteriously disappear along with their 7-year old son. Kat's publisher is now hot on her heels to complete the book, eager to cash in on the free publicity surrounding their disappearance.
Little does Kat know the charming cowboy who's just strolled into her life is actually Alex Janssen's brother Luke, dead-set on stopping the book. He knows it will reveal a fiercely guarded secret that could destroy the lives of all four Janssens. Now he'll stop at nothing to ensure that doesn't happen -- even if it means using love as a weapon.

I have to say, Tell All was a spectacular read. The sizzling physical attraction between Kat and Luke found me catching my breath and thinking "whew, is it hot in here?". The sweet things that Luke did for Kat really tugged at my heartstrings and I fell in love with his character even more if that was even possible. Why can't real life men be just like Luke? His romantic notions went above and beyond the average love story. Loyalty to his family is a trait that I love in my heroes and Luke did not disappoint. The fact that Kat had personal objections against writing a Tell All book about the Janssens made her character very real to me. Appearances can be deceiving and when you read the moment Kat finds out who Luke really is .... well, trust me it will blow your mind. Tell All was a fast paced book that I breezed right through. The compelling, well crafted plot line had characters that were engaging, sexy and at times quirky. I laughed, cried and at times thought "oh my!" Tell all was a very fun read and I consider it an instant pick me. This is the first book I have ever read by Nell Carson and I look forward to reading many more. She is blessed to be one of those types of writers that just "get" what the reader wants. Any book by Nell Carson is an automatic add to my to be read list from here on out. Go out and buy Tell All by Nell Carson, and fall in love like I did with Luke and Kat.


  1. Thank you so much, Val! I'm really glad you liked it--especially because this was my very first review! Take care, Nell

  2. You are more than welcome Nell. I can't believe this was your first. Yay! I feel blessed to have been able to read it. I look for great things to come from you in the future! You're on to a great start.



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